Here’s A Website Where You Can Buy And Sell Items (Bridal Gowns! Diamonds!) Post-Breakup

(And read the juicy stories behind why.)

Here's A Website Where You Can Buy And Sell Items (Bridal Gowns! Diamonds!) Post-Breakup


So, our colleague just sent this site to us, and it’s kind of amazing, and we immediately knew we had to share it.

It’s called Never Liked It Anyway, and it is, to use their tagline, “a place where once loved gifts from once loved lovers get a second chance.” Oh yeah: It’s an e-retailer for the stuff people need to peace out of their lives, post-breakup. (How on Earth did said colleague find this site? “I don’t even know,” she says. “I was deep, deep into the Internet.”)

And yes, in case you didn’t already guess: There is an entire bridal section. (And that’s just gowns—there’s another section for jewelry which is, not surprisingly, dominated by engagement rings.) In all sections there are listed two prices: one “real world” price, referring to the item’s actual cost at time of purchasing, and one “break-up” price, referring to the steal you’ll get it for through the site.

Also listed after the description of the product is an explanation as to why this item is currently for sale—you know, the “story”—as well as little icons that depict the seller’s current “break-up stage,” which range from “Super Angry” and “Getting Drunk Too Often” to “Still a Little Fragile” and “What Break-up?”

Some are genuinely sad; some make you want to root for the seller, and others are just awesome. Some of our faves (not edited):

“The ring was worn by a mentally ill hypochondriac (not a good combination when looking for a wife). But her OCD means the ring is still in beautiful condition.”

“Ever hear the song “You and Tequila Make Me Crazy”? Yep, that was us!”

“We had the perfect, fairytale wedding, and the wedding day was great. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last because his cheatin’ heart wound up getting another girl pregnant.”

And maybe the most succinctly explained: “My husband was a total douche.”

In most cases, the sellers want to unload items that remind them of a past they’ve left behind; truly want the beautiful item to go to a person who will love it as much as they did; and can really use the money. Basically, they get to rid their closet of the dress that no longer has a place in their life; you get a never-worn Reem Acra on a major discount. It’s kind of a win-win situation all around, here.

And otherwise, it just makes for great late-afternoon procrastination.

Would you ever buy something from here? (Or sell?) Or do you think it’s bad juju?

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