Wanna Be Part of a Flash Mob Surprise Proposal in Philly?

Because you can be. Here's how.

Wanna Be Part of a Flash Mob Surprise Proposal in Philly?


So on this Saturday, September 8th, some Philly soon-to-be-bride-to-be, somewhere out there, is going to get proposed to. (Well, I mean, actually, probably a bunch of girls will get proposed to , given that it’s a Saturday, but whatever. That’s not the point.)

One particular Philly girl is going to get proposed to via a flash mob—like, a professional flash mob, organized by Flash Mob America (and, one would assume, the soon-to-be-groom-to-be). It’s going to happen at a secret location, as most flash mobs often do (well, the dancing type, anyway), and then, the question is going to be popped.

And they need peeps for the mob! So if you’d like to be a part of it, register here. They will then tell you where and when you can show up and learn the dance and rehearse and all that jazz, and then you’ll get the deets on where and when you will be mobbing. And proposing!

How fun! If anyone participates in this or even just witnesses it, please do report immediately! We’ll update with video if we’re able to scrounge it up next week.

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