Show Your Love For Your Groom With Your Nail Polish!

PW photo editor Jess Hawkes shows her love for her fiance with this week's polish.

PW photo editor Jess Hawkes shows her love for her fiance with this week’s polish.

My friend and colleague, Philadelphia Wedding associate photo editor Jess Hawkes, has a thing for nail polish.

She seems to come into the office with a different color on every other day, plans what polish she’ll wear with certain outfits the way others might shoes, is the only person I know who actually has the patience to apply that caviar nail stuff instead of just ooh-ing and ahh-ing at how cool it’d be to play with in theory, and long before it became, like, an actual thing, I was asking her if she had hit her head in the middle of painting her nails, because she kept showing up with her ring finger painted a different color than all the others.

This week, however, she’s come in with something new: a little nail-polishy token of her love for her fiance Scott! (Pictured, obv.) They’re tying the knot this fall in what is sure to be a seriously fabulous affair, and it seems Jess just felt like celebrating that the last time she went into Rittenhouse Manicure & Spa. She chose a gel polish in Princess Tiara and asked her manicurist to freehand a little bit with the skinny French-white brush: Voila! Super cute.

No word on what color she plans to wear on the Big Day. It’s a decision that will undoubtedly require as much time as the Dress.

Any of you have fun little tricks like this or other ways you work in a playful little nod to your dude?



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