3 Easy Ways to Get Fit in Philly Without Going Near A Gym Or Studio

We're totally going to use these tricks.

3 Easy Ways to Get Fit in Philly Without Going Near A Gym Or Studio


Our buddies over at Be Well Philly sure are helpful to have around sometimes!

Because we don’t know about you, but often—and especially, it seems, in the summer—we find the whole exercise thing to often be a task that doesn’t get crossed off our to-do lists. You’re at work, you’re running around, you’re traveling more on the weekends, you’re out and about more at night, and, well, aren’t the mornings tough no matter what else you’ve got going on? Add in planning a wedding to that list, and we know you’re struggling.

Which is why we rounded up these three posts from Be Well that we found to be super helpful when it comes to squeezing in a workout. With these, you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite class at the gym because you have that meeting with your florist, or having to skip your Saturday morning training sessions because you simply aren’t willing to skip out on the Shore. Behold:

The 5 Best Runs Down the Shore (With Maps!) From Margate to Wildwood, you can totally keep your workouts on course—and then hit the beach.

How to Morph Your Apartment Into a Gym We love this. Three awesome Philly trainers share their tips for getting in a workout whenever it works best for you—without having to walk through your front door. Because sometimes, we know, that’s what it’s going to take.

Conquer the Rocky Steps: 10 Exercises to Do at the Art Museum There’s a reason he used them as a big part of his workouts, after all—those steps are no joke as exercise equipment. Sweat trainer Holly Waters shows us how we can use them to our fitness advantage.

Do you ladies have any other tips for squeezing in a workout? Or have anything to add to these three? Share your wisdom!

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