Dos & Don’ts For Facebook And Your Wedding

Online bridal etiquette.

Dos & Don'ts For Facebook And Your Wedding

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In general, there are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t share—and how you should and shouldn’t share it—on social media, wouldn’t you agree? Between over sharing and inappropriate pictures and offensive status updates, well, the Internet is a veritable minefield of sticky etiquette situations.

And so it’s no surprise, really, that the same would be true when it comes to the specific topic of your wedding and Facebook and Twitter. That’s why we thought we’d share these great tips on using social media when it comes to your wedding. Yes, yes, we know—it seems that they should mostly be common sense, we agree. But have you checked your newsfeed lately?

What are you own dos and don’ts when it comes to posting about your wedding online? What do other people do that drives you bonkers?

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