CDC Issues Wedding Day Survival Guide

CDC Issues Wedding Day Survival Guides

Ingram Publishing

Well, apparently the CDC—yes, that’s the Center for Disease Control—has added weddings to their list of potential disasters they shall strive to help people to avoid.

As ABC News informs us, last year, in a blog post, the CDC laid out all the ways we Americans should be preparing for a zombie attack—and it was basically their most popular article ever. After that success, they decided to stick with the untraditional, and early this year, used the examples of popular movies such as Contagion and The Day After Tomorrow to show how the characters could have been just a little better prepared for disaster.

So now, it seems, weddings are up! You can find their advice on being prepared for wedding-day disaster—not surprisingly, they advocate having an emergency kit and being up on your venue’s evacuation strategies—here. Because, hey, it can’t hurt to have a plan.



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