Bride-to-be Alyse Blogger: My Wedding Stress Dream


I am not unfamiliar with recurring stress dreams. I have had the typical “I failed the final I am about to take” dream and the ever popular “naked at work” dream. I have also had the “I found out I never graduated college” and the “I was admitted to law school by mistake” dreams. Apparently, this is all very common—so I wasn’t too alarmed when I started having wedding-related stress dreams.

So far, they have come in two forms: In one, I am ready to walk down the aisle when I realize that we forgot to send invitations. So no one is there. In the other, one major aspect of the reception is missing, such as the band, the food, or my dress.

Like I said, this happens to me often—even in only mildly stressful situations—so I don’t get too freaked out about it, or let it stress me out during my awake hours. I just tell myself that none of the other stress dreams have come true (though I guess there’s still time to find myself naked at work), so these wedding dreams obviously won’t come true either.

What does concern me, though, is that it is a little too soon for recurring wedding stress dreams! And I swear, I am not even stressed about the wedding—yet. (Though I can’t claim to have no stress generally, so maybe it’s just projecting itself on to the wedding). I am still a little more than six months out, so I’m hope I can catch a break at some point from my subconscious for at least a few months before the really scary dreams begin.

Do you have any signs that you are stressed? Have they come out while you planned your wedding?


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