Bride-to-be-Blogger Carolyn: Planning Procrastination

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Like many Philadelphians, I was holed up in my house this previous weekend, awaiting the wrath of Hurricane Irene. One would think that being cooped up (and a bit stir crazy) would be quite conducive to a productive weekend of wedding planning. However, it was not so. I’ve hit a wedding planning dry spell.

Procrastination is no stranger to me. I successfully procrastinated my way through college, nursing school, and grad school. I’ve always been someone who thrives on pressure and needs that little push of a rapidly approaching deadline to turn out my best work.

This little tendency towards procrastination that I have isn’t helping me out too much with wedding planning. After all, I need to hire most vendors well in advance, especially since I’ve chosen a pretty popular month to get married in. I started out strong when I first got engaged, so I already have a venue, photographer, and D.J., but my planning momentum fizzled out around February, and it hasn’t really picked back up yet.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m thinking about the wedding, and I have some ideas of what I’d like in terms of flowers, music, paper products, etc., I just haven’t actively pursued making those ideas a reality yet. In the next few weeks, I’m going to try hard to work through this procrastination … and at least try to book a florist.

Have any of you hit a wedding planning dry spell? What helped you out of it?



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