Priscilla of Boston To Close

The stores will be open until the end of the year.

Nastaran by Melissa Sweet for Priscilla of Boston.

Well, brides, if you’re anything like me, your jaw is about to drop, and you are about to, after a lengthy pause, shout something along the lines of “Wait. WHAT?”

Priscilla of Boston, the lovely line of bridal salons that has been around forever—well, for the past 65 years, anyway—is closing. They’ll keep their stores open until the end of the year, including the beautiful, spacious one they’ve got right here in Ardmore, and then, they’ll close their doors for good.

In order to help quickly answer the questions that many brides will have (ahem, specifically those brides with Priscilla dresses in the works), the company has provided a list of those types of questions on their website, along with the answers and some helpful contact information. It sounds like today is the last day they’ll be accepting custom gown orders, but that they’ll accept bridesmaid gown orders until September 12th, just in case some of a bride’s party may have already ordered, and some have not.

We here at PW are so incredibly bummed to hear this. Their lines were just beautiful, and the brand has a real place in the heart of the bridal industry. We can’t remember an issue where Priscilla dresses didn’t grace our pages, and it’s odd to think of planning our upcoming fashion shoots without them. Best of luck to everyone involved! We’ll be sorry to see them go.

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