Bride-to-be Blogger Carolyn: A Summer Bride

A rare photo of Carolyn outside in winter.

I was just not made for the winter. I can never find a coat that insulates me enough and if there is any sort of icy patch on the ground, trust me, I will slip on it. If I could hibernate from mid November through early April, I would. In fact, I think maybe I do- as soon as the temperature starts to dip I determine my need to go outside on a risk/benefit basis, causing me to hoard most of my food and live survivalist style rather than suffer through the cold to get to the local market.  A little dramatic? Maybe. What does this have to do with wedding planning? I am not a winter bride.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the pictures.  The bride and groom in the snow, the bridesmaids in their matching Ugg boots, the holiday themed weddings—adorable.  Maybe if I was made a little more hot blooded this would work out for me.  However, I’m not going to deny my nature. I’m a summer bride.

Chris and I were in agreement that summer is the season for us almost immediately after we started planning. After all, we got engaged in December- Chris was having a hard enough time getting me to leave the house voluntarily and winter had barely begun.  I’ve always had bad luck in the fall (strange, I know) and Chris teaches fall classes, so those months were instantly ruled out. The spring would have worked but I wanted to make extra sure it wasn’t too cold on our wedding day so we decided that early summer was the best choice for us.

I’m very excited to be a June bride!  Peonies are my favorite flower and they’re more of a late spring/early summer variety so I’m really happy to be able to incorporate them into our wedding.  Also, the temperature will (I hope!) be conducive to having some outdoor elements to our wedding.  Most importantly (to Chris), hockey season will be just about over so we don’t have to worry about our wedding conflicting with any Flyers games (not quite so important to me, but I doubt Chris cares much about the peony thing either).

How did you choose the month you want to get married in?



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