Are You A DIY-Makeup Bride?

Photo by Trevor Dixon

Any time we hear of a bride who’s going to do her own makeup, we usually think these things, in this order: “Wow”; “You’re nuts”; “You’re brave”; “You must be one of those girls who’s really good at her own makeup. How we wish we were one of those girls.”

We also, whenever we hear of such a thing, very much hope that said ambitious bride has gotten some great advice from someone in the know before embarking on this extreme beauty undertaking — since, short of making an emergent and pleading run out to Bluemercury, or something, we’re not sure how good of a fix they’d be able to find if, in the middle of their Big Day application, they weren’t feeling it.

That’s why, every once in a while, we feel the need to share these fabulous and so-smart tips from local beauty guru Claudia Seyler on being a DIY-makeup bride. So, read. Consider. Then, go for it, beautiful!

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