Bride-to-be Blogger Jennifer: What Tomorrow Brings

Photo by Meyer Photography

I’m writing this blog approximately 32 hours before I begin my walk down the aisle. It is truly insane how quickly time passes while you’re planning a wedding. But here we are, and in some ways, it’s a regular morning. Anthony is at the kitchen counter whipping up some French toast. I have laundry in the washer. He’s asked if I’d like a cup of tea — yes, of course — and in a few minutes, I will hear the crackle of an ice cube, because I won’t want it too hot. I’m strange, and he loves me anyway.

In other ways, this morning feels so different. My anxiety is elevated — so I can’t even imagine how Anthony feels. He’s the quiet one who likes to gently fade into the background, while I am the talker, always doing something ridiculous to make him laugh. We complement each other in that way — and I think that’s probably how the rest of our day and weekend will unfold, too.

We met just before a rehearsal dinner in 2007, so tonight will be a nice déjà vu — though this time, we will likely not sit on separate couches making small talk, awkwardly adjusting in our seats. I won’t just begin to learn how much he likes to cook or that he is really into cars. I won’t be thinking, “He is really cute. He must have a girlfriend?”

Like that weekend almost four years ago, we’ll sip cocktails tomorrow at the happy hour and even sit next to each other at dinner — just like that night. This time, though, he will dance with me — even though I did try back then, too.

The difference tomorrow will be that the next day, I won’t have to wonder when I will see him again. I won’t have to rush home the two hours from where he lived at the time to jump online and “friend” him on MySpace. Those days were fun — but now I’ll get to wake up next to him everyday in our forever together.

These days will be even better.

What are your plans for the day before your wedding? Will it pretty much be just like any other day, except for the rehearsal dinner at night?

Editor’s Note: And don’t worry — Jennifer’s not gone! She will be checking back in with us to tell us all about her wedding — and their fabulous Hawaiian honeymoon! So stay tuned; she’ll be back in just a couple weeks.

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