Bride-to-be Blogger Jennifer: Booking the Honeymoon

On a whim, Anthony and I recently stopped into a travel agency to “start talking” about our honeymoon. We are a little behind the eight ball here (since we’ll be leaving on said vacation in nine weeks!), but we’ve got the ball moving, nonetheless. We tossed around ideas early on and settled on Hawaii months ago — but now, we finally took the plunge to get the after-wedding festivities planned.

We decided on Hawaii because we figured we might never get the chance to go again. We are going to go for 10 days — much longer than either of us would ever just take a simple vacation — and we wanted to make it special. We’ve never gone further than Maryland together, so we’re really bucking our homegrown traditions.

We decided to visit two islands and spend five days on each so we could relax as much as possible and not be weighed down with extra travel and flights between islands.

So: We are going to spend five days on Maui, with a possible day trip to Oahu, and five days on Kauai — where we’re told night life dies early, and relaxing and nature are the true stars.

I think setting our sights on this vacation are keeping us sane while we get those invitations ready to go out. Aloha — I can’t wait.

Why did you choose your honeymoon destination? Ever been to Hawaii? We’re taking suggestions!

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