Bride-to-be Blogger Leslie: Something Blue

Ever since I decided on my color scheme for the wedding, I have been on the hunt for the perfect shoes. You see, shoes are my thing. I love my dress, and am very excited about my dress, but my shoes need to be nothing short of amazing as well.

I am a shoe gal. Always have been, always will be. I think I got it from my mom, and it might actually be safe to say I have more shoes than I do clothes … and I have lots of clothes!

When I decided on my wedding colors and the colors for my bridesmaids — which are in the periwinkle blue family — I knew that I wanted to get a sassy pair of peep toe blue heels. They had to be the right height — not too high, not too short — but just right.  And it can’t just be any color blue, it has to be the right color blue, which is pretty hard to find. In my mind I have a vision of the perfect blue heels, it’s just turning that dream into a reality is harder than it seems!

Turns out there aren’t many blue shoes out there in the world, and the majority that are out there are navy, which is not in my color scheme. I have gone back and forth about getting a pair and having them dyed, but I am the type of person that thrives on instant gratification and I’m impatient, too. So having to cross my fingers and send a color swatch along with my beloved bridal heels to an unknown location with the hopes that they will come back the perfect shade of periwinkle blue makes me nervous.

I am under the six-month mark at this point, and I need to make decisions. I am going for my first fitting in January, which is only a few short weeks away, and need to have my shoes with me to finalize dress length.

My question for my readers out there is: Have you ever had experiences with shoe dying? Where did you send your precious shoes? How did they turn out? Please calm my nerves with your words of wisdom that if I purchase white shoes and have them dyed they will come back to me the perfect color!

Also, if you know of any blue shoes out there, please share!

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