Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: Stationery Setback

I should probably have read my fellow blogger Jennifer’s post a little more closely. This past week, I was so excited to print our custom save-the-dates, but we ran into just a bit of an issue. Jennifer was unable to find information on on custom colors; I found it the hard way.

Turns out that the fine print did not appear until you downloaded the template — and they will not print custom colors. So I was back to the drawing board for printing options.

I didn’t want to let all of my sister’s hard (and awesome!) work go to waste, but our budget has been getting somewhat out of hand, and most printers fell outside of what we have budgeted. So, call me crazy, but we have opted to print them ourselves. I actually ordered white flat cards with envelopes from, and we are printing them on our home printer. They’ll go out a couple of weeks later than we had hoped (I was aiming for the six-month mark out from our May wedding), but I think that’s fine, as long as they arrive to friends and family by mid-December.

I know what you’re all thinking … I’m nuts to take on this DIY project just for the sake of originality, but I’ve done this before for a family member. I know I have the patience needed to get this done, and I’m of the opinion it’s worth it! Cross your fingers I don’t need any more patience than I’ve estimated. I think I will need some good vibes on this, considering my previous estimations coming up short.

What hiccups have you encountered in your planning? Are you doing any DIY projects for the wedding?

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