Bride-to-be Blogger Leslie: My Big Fat Greek Honeymoon

This past week, my fiancé and I spent our free time focusing on one thing and one thing only: our honeymoon!

We have always wanted to go to Greece for our honeymoon. It is a place neither of us has been to, and it has something for both of us to enjoy. Charles is all about the history of the place, and I am all about the beaches — for us, it’s a perfect combination!

We spent the entire week going through tons of brochures and different options for the trip. It was a ton of fun. We went through a bunch of different ports of call that we are interested in, and spent a lot of time talking out the different things we want to do on our trip. And then, to cap off our honeymoon week, we decided to have a Greek-themed dinner!

We ended up with a lovely bottle of dry red wine from the liquor store — we have no idea about anything else about it because we can’t read the bottle, but we know it’s from Greece, because everything is in Greek! We also decided to do take-out from a local Greek restaurant around our area that I had been eyeing up. I figured this was the perfect time to try it out. We started out with a classic Greek salad to share. Then we got some tzatziki sauce with some pita bread as an appetizer. And for dinner, he got the lamb and I got the chicken souvlaki. It was our first time having Greek food, and I couldn’t think of a better occasion than to toast the meal to our upcoming honeymoon!

While we had dinner, we enjoyed watching a Rick Steve’s travel DVD on Greece that Charles got for his birthday from his parents. Watching a movie about Greece while eating Greek food and enjoying Greek wine is the only way to shop for honeymoon destinations.

Our Greek-themed week was so much fun and got us both so excited about our big upcoming trip! A little over six months and counting!

Any readers out there ever been to Greece? Anyone have any travel tips or must see/do advice for our honeymoon travels?

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