Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: Looking for Sound Advice

Ugh. I never thought I’d reach a point in the wedding planning process that I would dread or dislike, but I am there now. Tim and I are starting to look for a ceremony musician and a deejay for the reception and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

We love music and we really love to dance. We want a fun wedding that reflects our musical taste, which is wide and varied, and we want the music to help set the mood for both the ceremony and the reception.

We’re less concerned with the ceremony musician. We would like someone to play acoustic guitar and sing for the ceremony, and I feel that there are good resources available to help us find him or her. Musicians typically have Web sites, play local venues and have digital demo tapes that they can share with you. We will probably put that on the back burner for now because it does not feel too difficult. But the deejay is another story. How the heck do you know what you’re getting if you have not heard them in action? And how do you hear them in action if they only deejay weddings and other private events?

When we were invited to a private deejay showcase Tim and I thought it could be a great opportunity to go check out multiple deejays in one venue; maybe it would be a good starting point. However, the experience just left us more frustrated. Rather than take turns at the table at 15-minute clips, each deejay introduced the next guy, with each one more ridiculous than the one before. They talked with big, booming, ring leader-like voices, yelling into the microphone. We looked at each other in horror. Then they played about four line dance songs in a row and made the brides get up and dance.  I slid down in my chair. Then, that was it. They were done. We bolted for the door.

It cost nothing but an hour of our lives, and it helped us figure out what we don’t want — no theatrics, no weird voices, and definitely no line dances — but we didn’t come up with any deejays to add to the “short list”.  We walked away realizing that we really need to find someone who will listen to us and work with us to determine what would make great music for our party, but we’re unsure how we can find that person. So, we’re back at square one, and I’m too overwhelmed to even begin looking right now, so I’m going to take a break for a few days.

How did you find your deejay?  What made you choose one over another?  What advice can you give me?

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