Eagles vs. Falcons Game Updates

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Carson Wentz. (Jeff Fusco)

Carson Wentz. (Jeff Fusco)

The Eagles hope to stop a two-game losing skid at home as they take on the Atlanta Falcons. The Eagles look to go 5-4 on the season and stay above .500, and stay undefeated at home. We’ll periodically update this thread throughout the game with highlights and drive summaries. Feel free to jump in the comments below.

4:09 – INTERCEPTION: Leodis McKelvin seals the game for the Eagles with picking off Matt Ryan. Pass was intended for Julio Jones. The Eagles will beat the Falcons, 24-15, and improve to 5-4 on the season. Instant Observations from the win[1].

McKelvin finally caught one!!! @AdrianFedkiw[2] pic.twitter.com/FB9E7zyybK[3]

— Philly Influencer (@PHL_Influencer) November 13, 2016[4]

4:03 – FIELD GOAL: Caleb Sturgis knocks down a 48-yard field goal with 1:57 left. Eagles lead, 24-15.

3:58 – TURNOVER ON DOWNS: Malcolm Jenkins with great coverage on Julio Jones on fourth down and the Eagles take over at the Atlanta 39.

Huge stop on 4th down pic.twitter.com/mbo8JjHCNx[5]

— Philly Influencer (@PHL_Influencer) November 13, 2016[6]

3:54 – Eagles go three-and-out, including an Agholor drop that was slightly behind him. Najee Goode runs into the returner on a fail catch and gives the Falcons 15 yards. The Falcons begin at their own 35.

3:50 – After a pass interference call on Jalen Mills, the Falcons can’t get any points on the board, which included a rare Julio Jones drop. Matt Bryant punts, as the Falcons punter, Matt Bosher, seems to be hurt.

3:43 – TOUCHDOWN: Ryan Mathews follows Jason Kelce in for a five-yard run for six points. After the first two point conversion fails, the Falcons get called for holding. Pederson goes for two again and Mathews runs it in. Eagles lead, 21-15, with 6:49 left to play.

Mathews puts the Eagles back in front @AdrianFedkiw[2] pic.twitter.com/hSklgu37l8[7]

— Philly Influencer (@PHL_Influencer) November 13, 2016[8]

Mathews with the two-point conversion and a 21-15 Eagles lead @AdrianFedkiw[2] pic.twitter.com/Ma6oP9JTGm[9]

— Philly Influencer (@PHL_Influencer) November 13, 2016[10]

3:29 – Sturgis misses a 55-yard field goal after two questionable no-calls from the referees, including a missed targeting call on third down, as an Atlanta defender had a helmet-to-helmet hit on Jordan Matthews. Falcons still lead, 15-13.

Clear penalty @AdrianFedkiw[2] pic.twitter.com/db0DfG2mYe[11]

— Philly Influencer (@PHL_Influencer) November 13, 2016[12]

3:23 – Kenjon Barner finds a huge hole and runs the kickoff to the Atlanta 45.

Barner with a huge return @AdrianFedkiw[2] pic.twitter.com/uGshAJkuXg[13]

— Philly Influencer (@PHL_Influencer) November 13, 2016[14]

3:19 – TOUCHDOWN: Matt Ryan finds a wide open Taylor Gabriel, who gets by Leodis McKelvin for 76 yards. Matt Bryant misses the PAT. Falcons lead, 15-13, with 13:15 left.

McKelvin getting burnt to a crisp @AdrianFedkiw[2] pic.twitter.com/Ofe60jhEt0[15]

— Philly Influencer (@PHL_Influencer) November 13, 2016[16]

Doink pic.twitter.com/SYI4u8jROi[17]

— Philly Influencer (@PHL_Influencer) November 13, 2016[18]

3:14 – FIELD GOAL: Sturgis hits a 25-yard chip shot after Mathews fails to score from inside the one yard line. Eagles lead the Falcons, 13-9, with 13:50 to play in the game.

3:12 – Ryan Mathews has over 100 yards rushing. He’s the first Eagle to have over 100 rushing yards since Week 6 of last season.

Eagles have a 100-yard rusher for first time since Oct. 19, 2015 — Week 6 of last season

— Zach Berman (@ZBerm) November 13, 2016[19]

3:11 – END OF THE THIRD QUARTER: The Eagles lead the Falcons, 10-9, but are at the Falcons’ one yard line and are very close to scoring a touchdown. They’ve ran for 178 yards today.

3:03 – FIELD GOAL: Matt Bryant hits a 46-yard field goal to cut the Eagles lead to 10-9 with 4:46 to go in the third quarter. Bryant’s 185th field goal with the Falcons is a new franchise record.

2:53 – FIELD GOAL: Caleb Sturgis converts on a 29-yard try to give the Eagles a 10-6 lead with 8:16 left in the third quarter.

2:50 – Doug Pederson is challenging an Agholor drop. Looks like he may have caught the ball in bounds. After review, it’s a four yard catch by Agholor.

2:44 – Nolan Carroll is done for the rest of the game with a concussion.

Nolan Carroll (concussion) is out for the game.

— Josh Paunil (@JoshPaunil) November 13, 2016[20]

2:39 – Second half is underway, Eagles start with the ball. No sign of Nolan Carroll out on the field.

2:25 – HALFTIME: The Eagles lead the Falcons, 7-6, but have failed to score after scoring a touchdown on their opening drive. Check out our Halftime Observations[21].

2:20 – After review, the call is reversed and it’s now an incomplete pass.

2:19 – Meanwhile, Nolan Carroll is being evaluated for a head injury.

Nolan Carroll being evaluated for a head injury. #eagles[22]

— Brandon Lee Gowton (@BrandonGowton) November 13, 2016[23]

2:17 – Matt Bryant, who never misses a field goal against the Eagles, missed a 53-yard try. Eagles take over at their own 43 yard line. But on the first play, Darren Sproles fumbles a pass and the Falcons recover. Play is under review.

2:13 – Nolan Carroll appears to have injured himself tackling Julio Jones on that last play. He’s slowly walking on his on power and is heading into the locker room. Leodis McKelvin will come in.

2:11 – FUMBLE: Vic Beasley forces the strip sack fumble on Carson Wentz and the ball goes through his legs. The Falcons recover and take over at the Philadelphia 42 with 1:27 left in the half.

2:03 – FIELD GOAL: Matt Bryant converts a 43-yard try to cut the Eagles lead to 7-6 with 3:03 left in the first half.

1:55 – Eagles are short of the sticks and have to punt to the Falcons. Atlanta will take over at their own 25 yard line.

1:47 – FIELD GOAL: Matt Bryant hits a 38-yard field goal, thanks in part to a big catch by Julio Jones from a great pass by Matt Ryan. Eagles lead the Falcons, 7-3, with 9:40 left in the first half.

1:41 – Caleb Sturgis goes wide right on a 44-yard field goal try. That’s Sturgis’ first field goal miss since Week 1. Eagles still lead the Falcons, 7-0.

1:35 – END OF THE FIRST QUARTER: The Eagles lead the Falcons, 7-0, thanks to a Ryan Mathews touchdown run.

1:30 – Atlanta goes three-and-out on their last drive. Eagles take over around their own 20 yard line.

1:22 – TOUCHDOWN: Ryan Mathews caps off an outstanding first drive with a four-yard run for six. Caleb Sturgis knocks down the extra point and the Eagles lead, 7-0, with 4:17 left in the opening quarter.

So much for Sproles being No. 1 back. Mathews 7 carries for 34 yards on Eagles' opening drive. Great blocking by OL on 12-play 7:14 drive pic.twitter.com/orhniThlea[24]

— Philly Influencer (@PHL_Influencer) November 13, 2016[25]

1:21 – Falcons have to call their first timeout as there’s confusion with substitutions in the red zone. Ryan Mathews has had a very strong first drive.

1:18 – Eagles are driving well on their first drive and eating a ton of clock.

1:10 – Linc crowd forcing a false start penalty on the Falcons on third down, helps the Eagles’ defense force the Falcons to punt. Eagles will start at their 19 yard line. Ryan Mathews starts as the running back, while Bryce Treggs is starting in place of Dorial Green-Beckham.

1:06 – Jalen Mills is starting in place of Leodis McKelvin. He’s being matched up against Julio Jones.

1:05 – Game is underway, Atlanta will start on their own 18 yard line.

1:03 – Today’s captains: Marcus Smith, Mychal Kendricks, and Zach Ertz. Leodis McKelvin was supposed to be a captain, but was switched to Kendricks. Eagles win the toss and will defer to the second half. Atlanta will start on offense.

1:02 – Jenkins later shook the hands of many military members.

After the anthem, Jenkins went up to several military members and shook their hands. #Eagles[26]

— Brandon Lee Gowton (@BrandonGowton) November 13, 2016[27]

1:01 – Players are holding the flag during today’s National Anthem, except for Malcolm Jenkins.

Malcolm Jenkins is the only Eagles player not holding the flag during the anthem. Standing on the sideline with his fist raised.

— Brandon Lee Gowton (@BrandonGowton) November 13, 2016[28]

Malcolm Jenkins, fist in the air, is the only #Eagles[26] player not holding the flag pic.twitter.com/iGzFKRoD8L[29]

— Eliot Shorr-Parks (@EliotShorrParks) November 13, 2016[30]

12:56 – Mychal Kendricks may have injured himself during warmups.

Mychal Kendricks appeared to hurt his left ankle or foot in warmups. See if he is ok for game. #EaglesTalk[31]@CSNPhilly[32] @NBCPhiladelphia[33] pic.twitter.com/EcavW9tGbc[34]

— John Clark NBCPhilly (@JClarkNBCS) November 13, 2016[35]

11:30 – Allen Barbre, Terrence Brooks, Kamu Grugier-Hill, Taylor Hart, and Steven Means are notable inactives for today’s game. Stefen Wisniewski starts at left guard in place of Barbre, while Bennie Logan, Leodis McKelvin, Brent Celek, and Aaron Grymes are all active. See the full list here[36].

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