Eagles News: Jim Schwartz Forgets Who Kirk Cousins Is

The Eagles' defensive coordinator talked about Washington's offense.

Jim Schwartz. (USA Today)

Jim Schwartz. (USA Today)

For a few seconds, Jim Schwartz had no clue who a reporter was referring to when they asked the Eagles’ defensive coordinator about Washington Redskins starting quarterback Kirk Cousins. Watch the scene unfold in the video below.

Schwartz explained his momentary confusion was due to his mind still being on a previous question about Washington’s wide receivers. He then went on to praise Cousins.

“He does a good job of executing that offense,” Schwartz started. “When you look at the different things that they do, whether it’s stacks, or options, or running the ball, or putting them in the right run plays and things like that, he has put them in those kind of positions. Doesn’t really favor one guy or the other. Really moves the ball around to a lot of different players.”

“He has enough arm strength to attack the whole field. He can throw the ball deep over the top, and that fits DeSean Jackson. There’s probably going to be three or four times in a game that they’re just going to unleash a deep ball and it’s not a 45-yard deep ball. That thing’s coming 60, 65 yards.”

“He’s tough, also. He’s taken a bunch of hits this year. I mean, some pretty wicked hits. He’s got back up and played. I think he’s also led them to a good record. When you’re a quarterback, that’s probably … that’s not probably, that’s the most important stat. He’s a challenge for us.”

Schwartz forgetting about Cousins was an honest mistake, but it’s not like the quarterback’s performance has been extremely memorable this season. Cousins threw one touchdown to three interceptions in his first two games as Washington dropped to 0-2.

The 28-year-old quarterback has improved statistically since then, and Washington is on a three-game win streak, but his struggles haven’t completely disappeared. Cousins ranks 15th in both passer rating and DVOA. Mark Bullock of the Washington Post recently wrote about how Cousins has played worse than the stats show.

Though Cousins hasn’t played very well up to this point, he’ll be aiming to turn things around against the Eagles this week. Cousins has had a lot of success against Philadelphia. In three career starts against the Birds, Cousins has thrown for 1,082 yards, eight touchdowns, one interception, and a 105.1 passer rating.

The key difference between then and now for the Eagles is the addition of Schwartz. Heading into Week 5, the Eagles allowed the fewest points in the NFL (21). Despite some early struggles against the Lions, Philadelphia’s defense still ranks second overall in DVOA. The Eagles have allowed the eighth least opponent yards per play. There’s reason to believe Schwartz will fare better against Cousins than former Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis did in the past.

And now for a look at some other Eagles news and notes …


Cousins might be without one of his best targets this weekend. Washington’s leading receiver, Jordan Reed, missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday due to concussion symptoms. Reed has suffered five concussions since 2011, so Washington is taking a “cautious approach” with him.

Through five games this year, Reed has 33 receptions for 316 yards and two touchdowns. Schwartz called him “one of the marquee tight ends in the NFL” on Thursday morning.

If Reed can’t play, Washington will have to rely on Vernon Davis and Niles Paul.


The Eagles have expressed a lot of confidence in rookie Halapoulivaati Vaitai as he prepares to start at right tackle in place of Lane Johnson. Offensive coordinator Frank Reich continued that notion on Thursday.

“I don’t think he’s going to be that shocked,” Reich said. “I just don’t think he’s going to be that shocked. I expect him to play well and I expect him after the game to say, ‘This was easier than I thought it was going to be.’ Not that it’s not going to be tough; it’s going to be a fight. But I think he’s going to say, ‘Yeah, I belong.’


Wentz is a much more generous tipper than former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. The rookie quarterback reportedly left $500 on a $1,000 tab from a private party he put together at North Dakota restaurant Herd & Horns.


The Eagles’ starting defensive end briefly appears in the Philadelphia Flyers’ hype video (watch here).