Wentz Takes Field For First Time, Talks Bradford



Their paths have yet to cross. The last time Carson Wentz was at NovaCare, Sam Bradford‘s holdout (or whatever you want to call it) was still ongoing. This time around, a photo was posted of Bradford getting ready to hop a plane out of town on the same afternoon that Wentz’s was touching down in Philly.

No conversations yet, either. Wentz told reporters on Friday that he has yet to reach out to Bradford and that the two haven’t spoken. That’ll likely change on Monday when both players are expected to be in the building, working together.

“Personally, I don’t think there will be a lot of tension,” said Wentz when asked if he’s anxious to smooth things out. “I think people might make it out to be but I think the coaches and everybody will be on the same page and I think it’ll be a really good working relationship for sure.”

That empty locker stall that the Eagles were saving for a potential QB draft pick has Wentz’s nameplate on it now, completing the quarterback row at the very front of the locker room that goes Bradford-Daniel-Wentz. On Friday two of those stalls were empty, as most veterans got the weekend off while the Eagles hold their rookie minicamp. There are 55 young players here in all (you can view the roster here), though most eyes were on the red No. 11 jersey as Wentz took the field for the first time as an Eagle.

Nothing major, but a first step anyway and a moment that Wentz has been eagerly anticipating.

The graduation rules prevented him from joining his teammates earlier so Wentz has been working out in Fargo the last couple weeks and digging into the playbook. He spent the rest of the time getting his “life in order back home” so he could focus on work from the moment he landed in Philly.

“Now I’m out here for good,” he said.

Wentz hasn’t been told exactly what the coaches have in mind for him this season. With only so many reps to go around, a balance will need to be found between grooming the quarterback of the future while investing the necessary time into getting the quarterback(s) of the present ready. Then there’s the balance that Wentz will need to strike between building a leadership foundation with his teammates and showing proper deference to the current starting quarterback, Bradford.

“Just gotta be myself. Don’t kind of take a backseat but just kind of be myself and be smart with it and I’m excited,” said Wentz. “I’ve kind of been there before. I’ve just got to be myself and I’m really not too worried about it to be honest, I think as time goes the leadership will come out.

“I think the relationship with [Bradford], and the relationship with the other quarterbacks in the room will be great. I think it will be a really competitive atmosphere. Hopefully we’ll all learn together and grow together and really push each other and ultimately lead to benefitting the team and winning a lot of ball games.”