Roseman: Fletcher Cox Will Get ‘Great Player Money’

Plus, Doug Pederson touched on the release of DeMeco Ryans.

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

INDIANAPOLIS — After explaining how the Eagles want to, and are in negotiations to, re-sign Sam Bradford, Howie Roseman discussed Fletcher Cox’s potential contract extension.

“It’s a huge priority for us to keep Fletcher Cox,” Roseman said. “Our intention is for Fletcher to always be an Eagle. We made that known. Sometimes these things don’t happen so quickly. We’ve been very fortunate to get five contracts done, but history says that’s probably the exception rather than the rule.”

The Eagles have agreed to six new contracts this offseason with Brent Celek, Vinny Curry, Zach Ertz, Najee Goode, Lane Johnson and Malcolm Jenkins. However, the big focus has been on Cox, who is a Pro Bowl-calibar defensive lineman entering his prime.

“For us, we haven’t been shy. He’s a great player. He’s going to get great player money,” Roseman said. “We’re not shy about saying that. It still comes down to structure, and all the things that complicate a negotiation. But I think the intention’s right from him and his representatives. And certainly from us, and how we feel about him.”

Roseman added that the Eagles don’t have as much cap space as they typically do, and that it’s “unique” for them to not have more. One decision they likely made for cap space purposes was to release DeMeco Ryans, which Doug Pederson addressed at the combine.

“They’re hard decisions to do that, and sometimes you have to move on from certain players,” Pederson said. “I love everything he’s stood for in the organization. He’s a great person, a great human being. And sometimes you just have to cut those ties and move on. We wish him the best of luck going forward.”