Graham: I Want A Coach With NFL Experience

Brandon Graham. (Jeff Fusco)

Brandon Graham. (Jeff Fusco)

Brandon Graham was clear today after practice when explaining what he’s looking for in the Eagles’ next head coach.

“I’m hoping that we get somebody that’s already been in the NFL,” he said.

Chip Kelly, of course, did not fit that bill, and Graham explained why college coaches sometimes face a tough transition.

“It’s just different,” Graham said. “You’ve got more opinions in the league than you do in college. You’re paying a lot of guys in the league more money sometimes than the coach. You got to work together. You got to come to the middle.

“There’s always a power struggle in the NFL because you’re trying to tell a grown man with some money to do something, and make them believe it. It’s hard.”

Graham said Kelly may have lost some of the players because of their disappointing season, but the head coach didn’t lose the locker room. The outside linebacker added that “something was off,” although he wasn’t sure if it had to do with Kelly.

Graham found out about Kelly being fired when his father called him yesterday, but he didn’t mind that the Eagles didn’t tell the players. The decision surprised Graham, but he said he understood.

“I just want to see it get back to what I came into with how coach [Andy] Reid was and just get back to winning. Period,” Graham said. “I just want to get back to winning. That’s all I care about.”

With the Eagles hiring a new coach, it’s possible the defense may switch from a 3-4 to a 4-3. The former first round pick, however, doesn’t care and thinks he’s equally effective in the two schemes.

Graham also added another quality he’s looking for in Kelly’s replacement.

“You just got to know what you have, and that’s by talking to your players,” Graham said. “Trying to work together. That’s why the next one — they’re going to get someone that wants to hear from the players. Even though Chip heard from the players, I just felt like still, somebody got to actually do some of the stuff. Especially the crucial stuff that people want.”