Thoughts On Chip And the USC Report

Kelly reportedly sits down with USC.

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

USC interim head coach Clay Helton was given the job on a permanent basis Monday, but not before the university reportedly checked in with Chip Kelly.

According to Ian Rapoport, USC “touched base” with Kelly before making the move.

Zach Barnett of Football Scoop writes that the two sides had a sitdown.

Sources tell FootballScoop USC officials met with Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, but a match was not made.

It was said that the meeting occurred in Philly, possibly on Friday.

Kelly has since denied these reports, while other media outlets have conflicting information.

A couple quick takeaways from this:

It is telling that Kelly would take the meeting, if this report is accurate. You always want to keep your options open and who knows what direction Jeffrey Lurie might go in this offseason, but the Eagles are in the midst of a free-fall, this organization is desperate for solidarity and leadership right now, and the head coach is reportedly allowing himself to be courted by other programs. Not good.

The fact that Kelly may have turned them down is also interesting. Perhaps that speaks to his desire to see things through with the Eagles, or at least remain in the NFL. Then again, maybe this specific opportunity just wasn’t a fit.

From what we’re told, the USC rumors were swirling within the building and more specifically, the Eagles locker room. Some feel that the uncertainty about their head coach’s future is part of the problem.

This latest report will do little to calm the nerves inside NovaCare.