What They’re Saying About The Eagles

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Barley 15 months after he called Nick Foles “chickens—” in a Philly Mag cover story, Buzz Bissinger returned to the arena of football discussion Tuesday as he joined the chorus of those doubting Chip Kelly‘s chops in light of the Eagles’ 1-3 start to the season.

Bissinger, the author of ‘Friday Night Lights’, called Kelly a “fraud” on the WIP Morning Show.

“I don’t like him because he’s a fraud,” he told host Angelo Cataldi. “He’s a fraud because he gets ordained by the media, and even now they’re too nice to him. He has no clue.”

Bissinger later doubled-down on his comments and said he hopes the Eagles fire Kelly after this season.

He also called the city’s media “a bunch of candy-a—-” for giving Kelly too many free passes, and he believes Kelly didn’t have a proper plan when he brought in DeMarco Murray and Sam Bradford.

“It’s his arrogance that I hate. It’s his feeling that ‘I don’t need personnel, I don’t need players, I just need my system,'” Bissinger said. “‘And if we don’t win, it’s because the players didn’t execute my system.’ That’s BS.

“Would you like to be in the Eagles locker room knowing that you’re completely expendable? That you’re always thrown to the wolves, it’s always your fault, your lack of execution?”

Bissinger said that he believed that same “chickens—” Nick Foles looked better than Sam Bradford has in his four games this season.

Here’s what other national media are saying about the Eagles heading into Week 5.

USA Today columnist Jarrett Bell writes that the Eagles have looked inept in every way through four games.

Whatever bad can happen for the Philadelphia Eagles, will happen.

At least that was the rule during the latest implosion by the team that Chip Kelly built, as the Eagles stumbled through a 23-20 loss to Washington that left them in last place in the NFC East.

Never mind that the Eagles (1-3) sit just one game out of first place after the Dallas Cowboys’ overtime loss at New Orleans on Sunday night.

This glass is half-empty.

Ron Jaworski said Chip Kelly’s ‘execution’ explanation is just a classic case of coach-speak, writes ESPN’s Phil Sheridan.

Chip Kelly the coach can’t blame his general manager for the Eagles’ 1-3 start. And Kelly the GM can’t blame the coach.

That leaves the players, and that’s why Kelly has talked so much about “execution.”

ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski said on 97.5 The Fanatic Monday that Kelly is using classic “coachspeak” to explain his team’s struggles. Kelly the GM has acquired the players and Kelly the coach has devised the offensive system.

So if the players aren’t good enough or the system is flawed, Kelly is the only one to blame. By talking about “execution,” Kelly is saying the players are good enough and the scheme is sound. It’s just a matter of a few mistakes preventing the Eagles from succeeding.

MMQB’s Peter King writes that the Eagles’ slow start has been one of the NFL’s biggest disappointments so far this year.

The Eagles have (crash-) landed. Chip Kelly overestimated a few things and/or people: Sam Bradford’s ability to resume his career at a high level after two bad knee injuries; DeMarco Murray; the smoothness of Nelson Agholor’s transition from college to pro football; new faces adjusting quickly on the offensive line; and the ability of ex-Seahawk Byron Maxwell to be a shutdown cornerback for $10.5 million a year. Don’t listen to WIP this morning, Chip.

SB Nation’s PFT Commenter offers up a scorching hot (sarcastic!) take on the Chip Kelly regime in Philadelphia.

Theres only one possibilty here- Chip Kelly is intentionally screwing over the entire Eagles organization and the Philadelphia metropoliotain area. Now a lot of people would point out that Philadelphia is perhaps the most deserving fanbase in terms of who should get screwed over the most, and they’d be right.

The city’s largest contribution to scoiety is a constitution that openly admitted that it was wrong and would need to be changed infinity times in the future except for the 2nd amendment. Since 1782, Philadelphia has accomplished the following things: had consistantly terrible weather, confused people who try to drive in it, and lost the nations capital to a swamp that was built on a area that is most known for producing the worlds largest supply of Washington Redskins fans. Bang up job Philly.