Eagles Wake-Up Call: What They See In Tobin, Barbre

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

During an interview session with reporters last month, offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland was asked about the luxury of having stability at both tackle spots and center.

“The other player that I really think is underrated is Allen Barbre,” he responded. “Allen Barbre is a really good player. We have a lot of confidence in him and his abilities.”

This has been the general sentiment shared by all parties at the NovaCare Complex – Stoutland, Chip KellyJason Peters, etc.

Barbre has started just eight games in seven NFL seasons. In two years with the Eagles, he has played 122 snaps. Yet whatever he’s doing at practice, in the weight room and at meetings has teammates and coaches convinced he’s ready for a starting role. Remember, Barbre was penciled in as a starter after the Eagles released Todd Herremans. He’ll just move to the more comfortable left side now that Evan Mathis is no longer in the mix.

“I think Allen Barbre is an outstanding football player,” Kelly said. “He just got hurt at the beginning of the year last year, and whenever he’s had to play for us, he’s played extremely well for us. I know we’re excited about moving forward with him, and then we’ll see what happens at the other position.”

Barbre is no sure thing, but he’s a safer bet than Matt Tobin, who is the favorite to start at right guard. Tobin saw significant playing time in seven games (523 snaps overall) last year. He was inconsistent, battled through an ankle injury and eventually lost his job to Andrew Gardner.

Asked if the ankle hampered Tobin, Kelly said: “Yeah, he was behind. It was a significant injury. He actually came back a lot faster than we actually thought he was going to come back, but I think it speaks to his toughness.”

Added Stoutland: “I think it’s made him hungry. He’s like a man on a mission. He’s a very serious guy about his career now. He’s trying to get everything detailed. He’ll have a question… as soon as something happens, if he’s not sure, he’s gonna come right up to me afterwards or in practice, and he’ll ask me, ‘Hey, exactly how do you want this because I’m not quite sure.’ He’s a very accountable guy.”

Tobin was added as an undrafted free agent out of Iowa in 2014. Stoutland explained what he needs to improve in his second season.

“Just consistency,” he said. “At times, I think Matt has played really well for us, but I think he needs to be more consistent and not just flash at times. I think he understands that.

“Just staying in front of people. Don’t get edged. Don’t let someone run around you. Part of that has a lot to do with balance and body control, staying in front of somebody when your balance is in a position where you can move and transfer your weight. So that’s been a real big part of it. And a lot of that has to do with your hips, the level of your hips. If you’re standing straight, it’s hard to change direction.”

The Eagles added new toys on offense in Sam Bradford, DeMarco MurrayRyan Mathews and Nelson Agholor. But the operation won’t work unless the coaches develop Barbre and Tobin into quality starters.


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