What They’re Saying About The Eagles

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Let’s take a look at what the media are saying about the Eagles as OTAs roll on.

Jerry Jones told USA Today that he isn’t too pleased with losing DeMarco Murray:

Jones said the biggest gamble of all this offseason might have been failing to keep reigning NFL rushing champion DeMarco Murray, who fled to the division rival Philadelphia Eagles.

As it stands, the Cowboys will head into the season with veteran Darren McFadden and returning backup Joseph Randle as the top backs.

“We’d love to have Murray,” Jones said. “We had to take a little step back to go forward. We needed that cap room. That’s risky. Yet it freed up the cap room that we could use to make other moves.”

Earlier this month, Nick Fierro of the Allentown Morning Call talked to Jason Kelce about Evan Mathis and the state of the o-line (H/T Tommy Lawlor).

“It’s not good that he’s not here, obviously,” Kelce said. “But I’ve had dialogue with him and he’s a guy that I have tremendous respect for and a guy I’ve played with my entire career to this point. So he’s been a great player in this league ever since I’ve been with him.

“I don’t know what else to say. It’s just unfortunate that sometimes there’s differences between the organizations and the players.”

Bottom line, though, is that the Eagles survive and maybe even thrive in a worst-case scenario.

“If Evan isn’t with us, I still feel like we have a very good offensive line, an offensive line that’s going to be very capable, especially with the running backs and the system we run, of picking up yards on the ground and protecting our quarterback,” Kelce said.

Chris Steuber ranked the top 20 Eagles heading into the preseason. He has Mark Sanchez at No. 15, two spots above Sam Bradford.

#15. Mark Sanchez, QB
After missing the entire 2013 season with a shoulder injury, Sanchez played well in his first year with the Eagles. He showed that he could run Kelly’s offense efficiently and win big games. With new promising offensive weapons around him, an improved defense and a full understanding of the playbook, Sanchez has the inside track on being the starter and could be on his way to a breakout year.

#17. Sam Bradford, QB
Acquired in a trade involving Nick Foles, the Eagles are taking a huge chance on Bradford. Coming off of consecutive seasons with a torn ACL in his left knee, Bradford has only started seven games the past two years. It’s unknown when he will be ready to practice at full speed and even when he’s ready, he must grasp the offense, display mental and physical confidence and showcase the ability to run it effectively. At this point, it’s hard to say what the Eagles truly have in Bradford.

And finally, an interesting poll on how the Tim Tebow signing was received by fans based on political affiliation.

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