Eagles, Ravens To Hold Joint Practices

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Photo by: Jeff Fusco.[1]

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

The Eagles confirmed today that they’ll hold joint practices with the Ravens prior to the teams’ preseason matchup.

The three sessions will be held in Philadelphia from Aug. 19-Aug. 21. The two teams will face off on Aug. 22 at the Linc in the Eagles’ second preseason game.

The Eagles held joint practices with the Patriots the previous two summers, but they meet in the regular season, not the preseason, in 2015.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh talked about the arrangement with Baltimore reporters today.

Harbaugh said that he and Chip Kelly are currently devising the practice schedules for the joint practices ahead of Aug.22 preseason game.

— Jeff Zrebiec (@jeffzrebiecsun) May 9, 2015[2]

Harbaugh said he doesn’t know Chip Kelly very well but “Jim [Harbaugh’s] always spoken highly of him and I have great respect for him.”

— Jeff Zrebiec (@jeffzrebiecsun) May 9, 2015[3]

The Ravens went 10-6 last year and advanced to the divisional round before losing to the Patriots, 35-31.

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