Wake-Up Call: Making Sense Of the Mariota Noise

Robert Hanashiro / USA Today

Robert Hanashiro / USA Today

Today’s question is from reader Ed, but his email was rather lengthy, so I’m going to simply include his hypothetical trade proposal and paraphrase a bit:

Per NFL.com, the Titans’ top three needs are QB, pass-rusher and CB. Chip Kelly can satisfy all three. The trade… 

Tennessee gets:
QB Sam Bradford
DE Vinny Curry (pass rusher)
CB Brandon Boykin
Eagles 2015 first-round pick (No. 20)
Eagles 2015 second-round pick (No. 52)
(If necessary to change to, or add: ILB Mychal Kendricks – or – Eagles 2016 first-round pick)

Eagles get:
2015 first-round pick (No. 2) and draft Marcus Mariota.

There have been quite a few Mariota-related reports in recent days, so let’s sort through them and then address the hypothetical trade proposal.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that the Browns have real interest in trading up for Mariota. I can believe this one. The Browns were interested in Bradford, meaning they are in desperate need for quarterback help. They also have ammo – two first-round picks (Nos. 12 and 19). It would not surprise me at all if the Browns made a move up to get Mariota.

There’s also been a lot of buzz that the Chargers are doing their due diligence on Mariota. San Diego has the 17th pick, but it also has something other suitors do not: a franchise QB to offer up. If the Chargers’ interest in Mariota is real, and they’re willing to include Philip Rivers in a potential deal, that’s a package that could certainly interest the Tennessee Titans at No. 2. Rivers is 33, but still playing at a very high level. And he’s entering the final year of his contract.

Meanwhile, if you are still holding out hope for Mariota in an Eagles uniform, perhaps you’ll be encouraged by this report from Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. A personnel man suggested to Robinson that Mariota could take an Aaron Rogers-like fall on draft night.

My thoughts? Highly unlikely. He’s too good of a prospect, and there are too many QB-needy teams for that to happen. But I’ve been wrong before.

Let’s tie it all back into the original trade proposal and the Eagles. I asked Ken Whisenhunt about Bradford at the owners meetings, and he spoke glowingly about the former No. 1 pick. There’s documented evidence that Whisenhunt was at one point a fan of Bradford’s. But there’s no telling whether he still considers Bradford a viable option.

Boykin and Curry are very good players who have seen their effectiveness limited because of scheme. Kendricks seems capable of playing in any scheme. If I’m the Titans, and the Eagles offered me a couple of those players, the No. 20 pick, the N0. 52 pick and next year’s first, I would absolutely consider it, especially if I wasn’t sold on Mariota. The Titans’ roster is in bad shape, and they have a chance to acquire some very good building blocks.

But the question is whether that proposal would be better than what other teams like Cleveland and Tennessee can offer. Don’t forget, Boykin, Kendricks and Curry are all on the final years of their contracts. Rookies get locked into four-year deals, so 2015 draft picks could end up proving to be more valuable.

I’ve been pretty consistent with my stance here. I think Kelly will explore any and all options to acquire Mariota. I think he will be willing to pay a hefty price. And I think the Titans will definitely listen to offers.

I just don’t know if the Eagles will be able to get something done, given all the variables. And I don’t think Mariota’s going to slip. If Kelly wants him, I think he’ll have to get to No. 2.

As friend of the blog Sam Lynch noted, only 20 days until Mariota Madness is resolved – for 10 months, that is.


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