Peters On Baker: I’d Do the Same Thing Again

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Oakland Raiders

Jason Peters knows that he put his team in a tough spot by getting ejected in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against Washington.

He also knows that as the left tackle and a leader on offense, he’s going to stick up for his quarterback, regardless of the situation.

“I’d do the same thing if it happened again,” Peters said today. “A guy cheap-shotted my quarterback, and I’m gonna protect him.”

Told that Chris Baker said he’d do it again too, Peters responded: “And he’s gonna get the same result.”

Chip Kelly has refused to address Peters’ actions publicly this week. The left tackle admitted though that he’s had a chat with his head coach.

“He was understanding,” Peters said. “He doesn’t condone it, but I just reacted and got kicked out of the game. I’ve gotta stay on the field to help my team.

“It was wrong. I got kicked out the game, which definitely hurt the team. We ended up winning, but any situation where your starter gets kicked out of the game, you don’t want that. So I’m gonna try to stay away from that.”

Asked if he thinks Baker should be fined, Peters added: “Of course. That’s just like a guy hitting the punter. They put that rule in, and it’s in for the quarterback also. He just cheap-shotted him. Foles wasn’t trying to make a play. He was just kind of like going over to the sideline, a little light trot, and he blind-sided him.”

Peters knows he’ll probably have to pay up too.

“I’ve definitely got a fine coming, but I’m willing to pay it,” he said.

Peters was sidelined with an Achilles injury when Nick Foles first started getting snaps in 2012. But last year, he said, the two grew close.

“No doubt,” he said. “Our team is tight-knit, and when guys try to get a cheap-shot on the smallest guy out there… Nick ain’t too small, but he’s the quarterback. That’s just unfair. So I just took it upon me to go after the guy.

“Me and Nick have been tight since day one, even when he wasn’t starting. So that’s nothing new for me and Nick to have our moments. I’ve had his back since day one.”

Told he’ll likely get a standing ovation in Philadelphia for the rest of his career, Peters said: “That’s a good thing.”