DeSean Update: Seahawks, Raiders Interested?

DeSean Jackson

ORLANDO, Fla. – If you’re sick of the daily DeSean Jackson updates, we completely understand.

But this is obviously a big story, and so we’re going to continue to track new information and try to make sense of what exactly is going on.

Coaches, general managers and owners kicked off meetings here this morning at The Ritz Carlton (normally they don’t let people like me and Tim in places like this). The Eagles’ contingent of Chip Kelly, Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie are all in the building, but none have stopped to chat (other than a quick greeting).

That could change this afternoon for Roseman and Lurie, although nothing is scheduled. Kelly is expected to talk at the NFC coaches’ breakfast on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, potential Jackson suitors continue to get mentioned (and shot down) on a daily basis.

The latest? Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk offered this:

The latest tidbits from Orlando is that the 49ers are very interested, despite an on-the-record denial — and that the Seahawks, while having no interest if the price tag is at or close to $10.5 million for 2014, would be interested at a significantly lower cost.

The Raiders, meanwhile, are said to have interest, but only if Jackson is cut – per an NFL Network report.

Of course, there are going to be some smokescreens here. Teams have nothing to gain by publicly expressing their interest in Jackson (although, apparently, no one told the Jets that). And teams also benefit from suggesting that the Eagles could cut Jackson. They can then negotiate with him on the open market and keep their draft picks.

The reasons why teams might be hesitant to trade for Jackson are simple. He carries a $10.75 million cap hit for next year. Teams would have to give up a draft pick. And perhaps the biggest factor of all: They would have to ask themselves why the Eagles seem willing to part with him for pennies on the dollar.

Having said all that, he’s still a 27-year-old receiver coming off a fantastic season, and Jackson is one of the best vertical threats in the league. The guess here is that if the Eagles are hell-bent on moving on from him, they’ll find a trade partner.

Stay tuned.