Keyshawn: Kelly Fell Short Of Expectations

From time to time in this space, we like to get a national perspective on what’s being said about the Eagles.

While most reviews for Chip Kelly’s first season have been positive, analyst Keyshawn Johnson said during a recent ESPN Radio interview (via 97.5 The Fanatic) that he would give Kelly a “C” for his performance so far.

Asked for an explanation, Johnson said: “Because he started off slow. He thought that his offense was going to work to the point of no return. It’s been OK. It hasn’t been this eye-popping… we’re all of a sudden gonna change the way that football is played on the professional level. It hasn’t done that, and I think that was the expectation. I would say that he’s come up short of expectations.”

Going back to when he was first hired, Kelly has bristled whenever anyone labels him an “innovator” or someone who is going to change the game. He reminds observers constantly that unless you were in the room with Knute Rockne or Amos Alonzo Stagg, you’re stealing from somebody.

As for the Eagles, their offense finished second in yards, second in DVOA and fourth in points during Kelly’s first year.

Reminded that Kelly’s squad made the playoffs, Johnson said: “Yeah, but you and me could have made the playoffs in that division.”

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