Another Honor For Nick Foles

It’s been a pretty good month for Nick Foles. 

It started with a seven-touchdown performance in Oakland, and finishes with him atop the depth chart as the Eagles prep for a final five-game push. A little icing on the cake came his way Wednesday when he was named NFC Offensive Player of the Month.

The second-year signal-caller was a perfect 3-0 in November with wins over the Raiders, Packers and Redskins. Foles completed 51 of his 72 passes in November (71 percent) with 10 touchdowns and no interceptions. He is the fourth quarterback in franchise history to receive the honor, joining Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick.

He has won NFC Offensive Player of the Week twice this season as well despite starting just five games. How is Foles handling this small taste of success?

“Nick is the same,” said offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. “I prefer it in a quarterback: He is very business-like, very matter-of-fact. Players and coaches at times, their emotions go up and down. And somebody, somewhere has to keep calm and I think that’s what Nick does. He has a calm presence, although he has the ability to express his emotions of happiness or displeasure in ways that sometimes aren’t obvious and I think that’s important, too. I don’t think you’ll see anything different from Nick.”

Foles posted a passer rating of 152.8 in November. According to the Eagles, that was the highest rating by any quarterback in a single month in NFL history.

“He’s approached it the right way,” said Shurmur. “And if you have a chance to be a good team I think you need that from your quarterback.”