Report: Eagles Had Deal In Place For Kaepernick

ESPN’s Adam Schefter added a great “What if…?” to the Philadelphia sports landscape today, when he revealed that the Eagles had a deal in place to land Colin Kaepernick during the 2012 draft.

From Schefter:

One league source maintains that the Eagles backed out of the proposed deal when they decided they would be able to draft Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson, whom they geared their whole draft around, league sources said. But then, just before Philadelphia could draft Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks selected him, leaving the Eagles to take Nick Foles, another quarterback they rated highly, though not nearly as high as Wilson.

Kaepernick and Wilson square off for the 49ers and Seahawks, respectively, Sunday night.

Wilson ended up getting drafted 75th overall in the third round. While by all accounts the Eagles liked him, it must be pointed out that the team had the 59th overall pick in the second round and drafted Vinny Curry. If they really were in love with Wilson, wouldn’t they have pulled the trigger with that pick?

As for Kaepernick, it goes without saying that he’d be a perfect fit for Chip Kelly’s offense.

Once Wilson went off the board, the Eagles ended up taking Nick Foles with the 88th pick.

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