Twitter Mailbag: Vick Given Lead Role In Handling Cooper Issue

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From jmbostick: did the response to the Cooper incident give any insight into the QB competition? (i.e. Vick sure looked like the clubhouse leader in responding to the media.)

It is not lost on me that Chip Kelly had Michael Vick address the team and lead five minutes of open dialogue following Riley Cooper‘s apology Wednesday evening. If there was any question whether the new head coach sees Vick as a team leader, it has been answered. I do find significance in the gesture. A big part of the quarterback position is about being out in front and getting the team to follow you. Vick commands the room. He is the team’s voice. That’s no small thing.

We’ve written before about the challenge that faces Nick Foles in this respect. A lot of the players on this team, from LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson all the way to Russell Shepard, grew up idolizing No. 7. It’s natural for a lot of these players to look up to him. And he’s further earned their affection by the way he’s handled himself since his prison stint.

Foles can win this job, but might have to do so convincingly for everyone to buy in. Then there’s this dilemma: if he wins it and struggles, how quickly will the eyes in the locker room turn right back to Vick? It seems more natural for Vick to start off the year under center. If the offense fails to take off under him, there’s a better chance of everyone turning the page collectively. Then the search for a new leader begins.

From@theHerbacious: If Boykin makes the move to outside corner, does Poyer take over the slot and is he good enough to handle it?

We had the chance to talk to a bunch of the scouts yesterday and I poked around about Boykin. Seems like the Eagles would prefer to keep him inside. That makes sense, given both his height (5’9) and his skill set. The other issue, as you bring up, is who would replace him? Too early to know whether Jordan Poyer is ready for prime time. Brandon Hughes is a potential option, but it’s unlikely anyone who takes over that role would match Boykin’s production.

Ideally, the Eagles would like Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher to win the outside spots. But Boykin has looked really good so far and Williams (hamstring) has been sidelined for almost all of camp. Even if he does stay as the nickel corner, Boykin could definitely see some looks outside this season.

From @hense83: Any indications of them running 2-pt conversions or 4th and short plays?

As Sheil wrote about yesterday, Kelly simulated a two-point conversion to start Wednesday’s practice. So to answer your question, yes.

I don’t expect him to go crazy with fourth-and-shorts and two-point conversions in the NFL. Part of the reason he did that so much at Oregon is because he didn’t have great faith in his special teams, apparently. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gambles more than most, though, especially in Year One when he might have to compensate for a leaky defense.

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