Vick: We’ve Done A Lot Of Read Option

If there was any doubt that the read option was coming to Philly, Michael Vick erased it Wednesday.

“We’ve done a lot of read option,” said Vick. “It’s part of what we do. I’ve been working very hard in the weight room, and all the quarterbacks have as well. We’re trying to make sure we’re physically ready for whatever needs to be done in this offense.”

And so we know that the option game is being implemented. And we also know that Nick Foles is splitting first-team reps with Vick in what Chip Kelly describes as a wide-open quarterback competition. How does that work?

“I mean, Nick can run. Everybody got two legs,” said Vick, drawing laughs. ” He can do it, man. We all can do it, and that’s why we’re all here.”

But it was Foles who admitted at the end of last season that he is not cut out for a read-option system. Kelly has stated that he will cater the offense to the strengths of his players. It will be interesting to see if the read-option is the the foundation of this offense, or simply an element of it that can be taken out at any time.

Vick, for one, is a fan of what is being installed in the team’s first minicamp under the former Oregon coach.

“I felt like I made a big jump from yesterday to today,” he said. “Actually going out there and practicing and seeing it against different defenses. I was very accurate today, guys running wide open and I think that’s the system. But I was able to make some tight throws, and I feel like the learning curve for me in this system is coming along.”