Eagles Wake-Up Call: Jon Gruden On QB Crop

Jon Gruden’s quarterback camp is in full swing. Another year, another crop of QB prospects awkwardly interacting with Chucky in a film room setting.

The Mothership is getting even more out of the popular series this year. ESPN.com is printing Gruden’s scouting reports on the men he is working with. First up is Geno Smith:

 Maybe the system [at West Virginia] is great, but I don’t know of a quarterback who has had as many decision-making opportunities as Smith had. And you know what? He made the right decisions. For instance: Every running play that was called, he had the option to hand the ball off, but he could also check out of the play and throw it. There were always options.

In this class, I definitely think he’s a guy you could take at No. 1, or at least in that range if it’s your top need. Sure, a lot of people say he’s not as good as Andrew Luck or Griffin. Well, last time I checked, those guys aren’t in this draft. It’s supply and demand. In this league, you need a quarterback, and if you’re a general manager or a coach you can’t just operate with the idea you’re content to wait until you’re in the perfect position to take a can’t-miss prospect. In this class, the closest thing to that is Smith. And if I needed a quarterback, I’d be willing to take him high.

Gruden talks about Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson here.

Seperately, in an interview with Peter King, Gruden sang the praises of Ryan Nassib and EJ Manuel.

“Here’s a guy [Nassib] who went 3-0 against Geno Smith,” Gruden said. “Imagine this pressure: Syracuse is expected to be pretty good last year, and they start 0-2, and they’ve losing to Stony Brook at home at halftime the next week. He brings them back there to win. They beat Louisville. They win at Missouri. They really handle West Virginia in the bowl game. Those are some good wins, now. And they do it after changing their offense two weeks before the start of the regular season. I like the way he plays. I like the way he handled his own people booing him.”

As for Manuel: “He’d be a fun guy to coach. Very fun. Can call any play. He can run any play. Upbeat. Powerful vibe around him. People just like him. They want to be around him. Loves the game. I really, really like this kid.”

Regarding Nassib and Manuel: “You want Nassib and Manuel on your team. You want to be around Nassib and Manuel. If you like those guys, you’re on the right track.”

In case you’re interested, a schedule of when Gruden’s QB camp episodes will air can be found here.


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Tommy Lawlor makes the case for taking an outside linebacker with the No. 4 pick.

Let’s go back to the depth chart for a minute.  I’m sure a few of you could point out that the O-line and secondary also look like they could use some help.  I totally agree, but that’s where you need to understand the draft class.  Check out this recent tweet from Daniel Jeremiah:

“Not a lot of options for teams looking for a pass rusher in RD 2….Plenty of RD 2 options at every other defensive position.”

If you want a stud pass rusher, you need to go for him at pick #4.  CB, S, and OL are positions that are fairly deep this year.  You can address them in the 2nd, 3rd, or possibly even 4th rounds.  You might be able to find a pass rusher outside the 1st round, but there are no guarantees.

New Bill Kevin Kolb has set some lofty goals.

“I’m here to win a Super Bowl. Period,” Kolb said.

It’s a big goal, considering the Bills haven’t made the playoffs since the 1999 season. However, Kolb sees that as an advantage, “It’s good to come to an organization like this. They’re hungry,” Kolb said. “It’ll be nice to come out and surprise some people.”


We are now 16 days away from the draft.