The EJ Manuel Diaries: My Workout With the Eagles

Quarterback EJ Manuel is doing a weekly diary here on Birds 24/7 as we count down to the draft. In this installment, he details his private workout with the Eagles on Thursday.

Hey guys, been a busy week so I apologize for the late post. Worked out for the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday, and it went great. Coach Lazor came into town Wednesday night and we met up for a casual dinner. I was able to really pick his brain about his coaching history, his expectations from his quarterbacks, his coaching philosophies, etc. I also learned that Coach is a family man, as his kids both called him to say goodnight. Very good man as well as coach, so whoever you all draft as a quarterback (should be me) will definitely enjoy working with Coach Lazor.

The next morning, coach and I met to watch film and go over play installments. He was testing how I learned best and how fast I was able to retain information. I impressed him, just as I did at the combine and the Senior Bowl interviews. One thing that goes unnoticed in all of this, how much football do you really know, and how much of that knowledge is applicable to the NFL? This is an added value I have coming from FSU. WE LEARNED FOOTBALL. Trust me.

From the film room, we headed to the field to work out. I killed it. The ball came out of my hand great. Weather was chilly so it gave a realistic feel of how it’ll be in the fall in Philly. Coach gave me a few things to try out and I was able to perform those techniques after he gave his initial instruction.

Overall, coach left with a great impression. The ball may have touched the grass once. I really liked Coach Lazor. I think I will have a lot of success learning and working with him and within the Eagles offensive system!

Cleveland and Cincinnati are up next, so I’m going to prepare for them! Catch you guys later.

EJ Manuel