Vick’s Bye Week: A Flat Tire And a Gymnastics Class

Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick.Even during the bye week, Michael Vick can’t catch a break.

The Eagles quarterback was headed home to Virginia Beach Wednesday but had to make an unexpected stop in Berlin, Md. because of a flat tire, according to the Salisbury (Md.) Daily Times.

Luckily for Vick, he sustained the flat right across the street from an auto body shop. As he was waiting for his car, Vick, his wife and his two daughters were invited into a nearby gymnasium.

Solito invited Vick into her gym, where dozens of children were working on becoming athletes themselves.

When she saw he had his wife and two young daughters with them, she encouraged them all to come in.

Vick, she said, talked to the gymnasts while she showed his girls around the facility.

“He was very nice,” she said. “He told them if they worked hard it would pay off.”

“He said he would send me a jersey and some tickets,” Derrickson said. “He was so down to earth. It was a pretty neat experience.”

It all sounds like the plot from a bad sitcom, doesn’t it?

And let it never be said that Birds 24/7 is incapable of hard-hitting journalism.

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