‘Shocked’ Players React To Castillo Firing

Jamar Chaney said the news trickled in through the media. Since it’s the bye week, there was no phone call placed or text sent from the team brass. Just a headline on SportsCenter announcing that Juan Castillo had been fired as defensive coordinator and had been replaced by Todd Bowles.

“I was shocked,” Chaney told Birds 24/7. “Our defense was playing better than it was last year.

“We had some really good games – against the Browns, the Ravens and Giants. The Ravens and Giant are considered some of the best teams in the league.”

The defense had yielded two fourth-quarter leads in as many weeks, however, and Andy Reid deemed the unit was not playing up to its abilities.

“We’re six games into the season and average isn’t good enough,” said Reid. “I know the potential of our team and insist on maximizing it.”

Bowles is highly-regarded among the defensive backs and has the respect of the defense as a whole. The other position players haven’t interacted with Bowles as much as the cornerbacks and safeties have, but the general sense is that he is well thought of in the locker room.

“I talk to him every now and then. I know he is a good defensive mind,” said Chaney. “He has a good background and knows what he’s talking about based on my interactions with him.”

Chaney said that Reid delivered a similar message to the players that he did to the media on Monday: that everyone was being evaluated and changes could be coming. The players were told to spend the bye week evaluating themselves as well.

Here are some players, past and present, reacting to the move.