Michael Vick Reacts To Lurie Declaration

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Michael VickEagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has stated publicly on two different occasions now that last season was unacceptable and a repeat performance would not be tolerated. On Thursday, during his annual state-of-the-team address, he said that he needs to see “substantial improvement” in 2012.

Michael Vick was asked what that means to him.

“It means he wants to see significant improvement,” said Vick with a laugh. “I didn’t need to hear that because I know exactly what we’re facing, what we want to accomplish this season. If that’s not the goal, then what is it?”

Lurie made it known that there would be no movement concerning Reid’s contract until after the season. The head coach has one year remaining after this. Lurie wants to see how the season unfolds before making a full evaluation. He did establish some parameters when he said  that a .500 season would not be enough to save Reid’s job.

“Our owner, he wants success from this football team,” said Vick. “He put the pieces in place for us, and it’s up to us to go out and deliver.”

Lurie had the opportunity to tie Vick to the same standard as Reid but walked a little more softly when it came to the quarterback.

“Well, there is no set way to measure that but we expect him to have a terrific year. That’s why he is the starting quarterback. That’s why he’s been signed for a number of years,” said Lurie. “I have to say that Michael has been everything we could have asked and more in terms of the intangibles. Now we just need him to maximize that incredible God given talent, stay healthy, and deliver the kind of offensive performance that great quarterbacks can. This is a quarterback driven league and we will go as far as our quarterback play can take us assuming the rest of our team plays well.”