Eagles Wake-Up Call: Vick Third Best In the East?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael VickJohn Clayton has released his quarterback rankings. The good news is he has Michael Vick rated in the top 10. The bad news is that still puts him behind two other NFC East quarterbacks. The Professor ranks Vick ninth overall, and has this to say about him:

Analysis: Vick had his best offseason of preparation, watching hours and hours of game film. He’s on a mission to get the Eagles back to the playoffs. Sure, he might not be healthy enough to start more than 13 games, but he’s money when he’s on the field..

Arrow is pointing: up

 Eli Manning is fifth overall behind Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger. Tony Romo comes in one spot ahead of Vick at No. 8, while RGIII is ranked 25th.

If this exercise teaches us anything, it’s that this division is strong in the QB department. And the NFC overall has some real potency to it. Rodgers, Brees, Manning, Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton. Vick needs to be elite, plain and simple.


We are now just a week a way from final cuts. Sheil unveils his latest projections for the 53-man roster. It’s like he’s just handing over the whiskey.

Add DeMeco Ryans to the growing list of people who are impressed by Mychal Kendricks. Ryans believes he can be the defensive rookie of the year.

Todd Bowles is a big hit with the secondary. So much so that it starts to sound like an indictment of the 2011 staff.

We have the Eagles alternate jersey plans for the season. Think Men in Black.


National praise continues to pour in for Evan Mathis. Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports believes the Eagles guard is Pro Bowl material.

Mathis didn’t give up a sack last year and can play multiple positions. After bouncing around from Carolina, Miami and Cincinnati, he found a home in Philadelphia. Mathis has been described to me as an unsung hero of the Eagles’ offensive line.

Can’t do a post without a little Nick Foles love. Alex Marvez lists the Foles’ storyline as one to watch in the third week of the preseason.

 Just how far advanced Foles is and whether he’s ready to bump injured Mike Kafka (hand) as Michael Vick’s regular-season backup should become evident Friday when the Eagles face Cleveland.


Preseason Game No. 3. The Eagles take on the Browns in Cleveland at 7:30. The first team is slated to play a quarter (Foles will likely stay in longer than that). We’ll have live coverage from Cleveland all day, and will be chatting in-game.