Mornhinweg: Team Has Discussed Polk At Fullback

The idea of using Chris Polk as a lead blocker for the Eagles has been batted around by the powers that be.

“Certainly that’s been discussed and thought of,” said offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. “He is a physical player, isn’t he? I think Chris Polk is an excellent football player. I think he is an excellent ball carrier, I think he could be an excellent blocker as well.”

The Eagles have to figure out which running back duo (assuming four is the number) they will go with behind LeSean McCoy and Dion Lewis. Andy Reid said Thursday that this offense requires a fullback, which could lead you to believe that either Stanley Havili or Emil Igwenagu need to be on this roster. But, if Polk can take on the role of the lead man, the Eagles could theoretically hold onto both he and Bryce Brown.

If that is the plan, the Eagles ought to give him some reps in that capacity soon.

“We have not done that yet, but there is certainly time,” said Mornhinweg. “And then whatever his strengths are, you would lean to his strengths there early in the season if that were the case. That’s hypothetical and I don’t usually get into much of that. We have not done that as of yet. The other question was, do I think he could? I do think he can because he’s such a physical man and such a physical player.”

Sheil put together a chart on Thursday that broke down how Owen Schmitt was used by the Eagles last year. He was in for about 16 percent of the team’s snaps, and saw a good chunk of action both as a run blocker and a receiver. He was used as a runner only two percent of the time, but that number could go up for a guy like Polk.

Kapadia asked Polk at training camp if he had ever served as a lead blocker before.

“In college, yeah, when we had Jake Locker, we did a lot of QB draws, so I was the lead blocker,” he said. “I’m real familiar with it. I like it. Whatever coaches need me to do, I’m going to do it.”