Eagles Wake-Up Call: Jeff Lurie’s Press Conference With A Twist

Word came out Friday that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie will be giving his annual training camp address this Sunday at 1 p.m. There is a little twist to the proceedings this year.

Instead of it being held in the media tent as is custom, the presser will be moved to the “Community Tent” a stone’s throw away. It is a larger area, and the idea is that Lurie will stay and mingle with the media afterwards for some one-on-one time.

It may not seem like much, but it is another tweak in how the Eagles are going about their public-relations business, with the hope that the key figures become more humanized. We have seen Andy Reid placed in more intimate settings and seeming more open than in years past. His press conferences at camp are now done with the media circling him right off the field instead of  with him behind the podium (bridging the divide). Come to think of it, the media tent hasn’t been used for anything except shelter from the sun since we’ve been up here.

We’ll skip over it again on Sunday to gather in the Community Tent. The chosen meeting place can’t be a coincidence.


DeSean Jackson was unable to finish practice because of an injured left ankle. It appears minor and the Eagles expect him back soon. There are plenty of other injuries to monitor, though.

Marty Mornhinweg once said that Michael Vick can be better than Steve Young. What better way to try and accomplish that feat than by studying the man himself. Vick is doing just that.

Here are Sheil’s practice observations from Friday afternoon. Looks like a certain middle linebacker is starting to find his groove.


Bob Glauber of Newsday was in Lehigh this weak and did a piece on what he perceives to be a much more relaxed Reid. What caught my eye is how Reid described the 4-0 finish last season.

‘…the last four games, I think there was something very special,’ Reid said.

Glauber goes on:

And in a league where late-season momentum isn’t always carried over into the next season, Reid believes that surge will indeed translate to a better performance this year. Asked if he can truly perceive there to be a positive residual effect, even though there haven’t been any games yet, Reid said he can.

I understand the carryover theory is alive and well around these parts, but I just can’t buy the term “very special” when describing games that meant little to playoff positioning or the fan base.

The Redskins are off to a rousing start. Here’s a story (photos included) of how the ‘Skins misspelled running back Roy Helu’s name on their season tickets, calling him “Robert.” They also listed London Fletcher with the wrong jersey number.


The Eagles are in the middle of what Reid called the “dog days” of training camp, a strenuous six-day stretch that will give way to a less challenging schedule beginning  Tuesday. Juan Castillo speaks after an 8:15 walkthrough. Afternoon practice is at 2:45.