These Herb-Infused Olive Oil Ice Cubes Are Genius

Okay, so I have to make a confession up front: I not-so-secretly love Lauren Conrad. Ever since her Laguna Beach days, I’ve been staunchly on Team LC. (Team Whitney Port is a close second.) So when I saw this brilliant kitchen hack on Refinery 29 yesterday and then noticed that it was by none other than LC herself, well, my heart couldn’t help but flutter with joy.

Your views on LC aside (what? You don’t want to be best friends with her, too?), I think you’ll find this kitchen tip useful, anyhow. It’s a way to make perfectly portioned, herb-infused olive oil that’s ready for the skillet any night of the week. All you do is fill an ice cube tray with fresh chopped herbs and a tablespoon or two (your choice) of olive oil for herb-infused EVOO whenever you need it.

Check out LC’s tutorial here.

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Photo: Shutterstock