The Checkup: How to Recover After the Broad Street Run

A local running guru offers great tips.

• Congrats on the big finish yesterday, Broad Streeters! What a perfect day for a race: the weather was amazing, the spectators were fantastic and the race went off without a hitch. I’ll have a recap and slideshow later this morning with all kinds of post-Broad-Street goodies, but for now, I want to point you to this terrific post from local running coach John Goldthorp about how to recover after the 10-mile race. Yes, it was technically published after last year’s Broad Street Run, but the good tips and advice still stand. To wit: “If you peaked for the race, generally a ‘reverse taper’ works pretty well. Run about 50-60% of your normal weekly mileage in the first week with no intensity. No boot camp classes, either.” More words of wisdom here.

• Ruh-roh. New research on low-estrogen birth control pills finds a link between women who take them and pelvic pain during orgasm. “A study of nearly 1,000 women found that women on the lower-dose oral contraceptives were more likely than those on the standard dose (with higher estrogen levels), or those not on the pill, to report pelvic pain,” reports HealthDay. More here.

• Now available for online orders: Viagra. Yup, that’s right—Pfizer Inc. is making its erectile-dysfunction medication available for online orders (with prescription, of course) in a bid to get men who are embarrassed to face a pharmacist with this prescription to buy the pill. To jump start online sales, the drug maker is also offering discounts on first orders. The AP has more.