10 Chic Workout Accessories Under $50

Our lifestyle editor picks the cutest accessories for runners, yogis and more.

I’ve come to realize that the end of March generally marks the end of my New Year’s fitness resolutions. In January, my exercise regime still feels new and exciting. In February, my zeal for early-morning workouts begins to wane. Come March, my trips to the gym have all but stopped entirely. The best solution? A few pick-me-ups, in the form of seriously stylish workout gear. Here, my top picks for the best, most wallet-friendly accessories out there. I can’t promise that they’ll force you to get to the gym, but I can promise you that you’ll look super-chic whenever you do get there. (Hey, I don’t judge.)

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Where to Buy:

1. Perfect for still-chilly early-morning runs—but cute enough to keep wearing post-workout. Shred Alert Casalana Mitt Art Warmers at REI, $17.93.

2. The cutest way ever to keep wispies at bay. (I adore the braided detail!) Skinny braided headband at Nike, $12.

3. A silicone sleeve makes this water bottle super-grippable, and gives a burst of color. Eddy Glass water bottle at Camelbak, $25.

4. Some people might recognize the dots as the brand, Craft’s, logo. The rest will think you’re just sporting a quirky polka-dotted hat, and I, for one, am fine with that. Craft Big Logo Cap at Craftsports, $24.49.

5. The chicest way I’ve found to lug around a yoga mat. (The flowers are all hand-beaded!) Black Beaded Sling Yoga Mat Bag at Gaiam, $50.

6. I love this super-lightweight racerbank tank, especially in the fresh minty green shade. Run: Swiftly Tech Racerback at Lululemon, $48.

7. The easiest—and cheapest—way to up the style factor of your kicks is with colorful laces. Athletic Oval Lace at New Balance, $2.99.

8. The sleek profile of this lap watch makes it a winner. Timex 30-Lap Mid watch at RNJ Sports, $43.95.

9. Great for race day essentials, or to stash your sweaty clothes post-workout. Feather Spike Bag at Oiselle, $24.

10. The only time a fanny pack is acceptable is when you’re running. Use this one for stowing things like keys during a run. Adidas by Stella McCartney Bum Bag at Adidas, $45.

Emily Goulet is Philadelphia magazine’s lifestyle editor. Follow her on Twitter here.