The Checkup: Russell Brand—Yoga Instructor?

And other celebrity health news for your Wednesday morning.

• English actor Russell Brand is a well-documented yogi. Now sources say he’s taking his practice to new heights, currently studying to be a yoga teacher and, hopefully in the near future, opening his own yoga studio. MindBodyGreen reports that the 37-year-old comedian hopes to helm a studio that offers free yoga classes to the homeless, addicts and others in need. He also wants to “create his own mantra and take his teachings round the world like other ­renowned teachers he’s learned from in the past.” Seems to me he could come up with a pretty killer laughter yoga class, no? That class, I would take.

• Yikes. CNN’s Anderson Cooper went temporarily blind over the weekend after shooting a report for 60 Minutes off the coast of Portugal. UV light bounced off the water and severely sunburned his eyes, according to He was without eyesight for 36 hours.

• Twenty-six year old actor Frankie Muniz suffered a stroke on Friday that landed him in the hospital. He tweeted that he’s doing alright and that he’ll “have to start taking care of my body!” Well, his body. You know what I mean.