10 Gym Bags You Wouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Lug to Work (Photos)

Here's to being professional and healthy.

If you’re an after-work gym-goer like me, you probably have to lug all your workout stuff to the office every day. And if you have a super unprofessional-looking gym bag like me (ahem *backpack from high school* ahem), you probably feel completely embarrassed for the duration of your elevator ride each morning. (Just me?)

The Internet to the rescue! Here are 10 bags that would work perfectly for toting your sneakers, Spandex and socks but that don’t look anything like gym bags. Check out the slide show for photos of the goods, then look for the links below for where to buy them.

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Where to Buy

1. Sierra Duffel Bag at Obey, $89.

2. Reversible Quilted Tote at Anthropologie, $158.

3. Meryl Backpack at Arcadia Boutique, $156.

4. Medium Nylon Tote Bag at South Moon Under, $39.

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Rubber Packable Duffel at Barneys, $108.

6. Seven Days of Asana Bag at Lululemon, $118.

7. Rail and Wharf 12-Hour Tote at J.Crew, $68.

8. Herschel Supply Novel Dufflebag at Tactics, $79.95.

9. Everything Fits Gym Bag at Gaiam, $60.

10. Kristina Leather Tote at Banana Republic, $150.

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