The Checkup: Afternoon Is the Best Time to Work Out

For peak performance, try hitting the gym between 3 and 6 p.m., according to research.

• I’m totally bookmarking this Wall Street Journal story on the best time of day to do pretty much everything. One intrepid reporter rounded up the past few years’ worth of  body-clock research to figure out when to do everything from sending email to working out. Most relevant to us here on Be Well Philly are the fitness and nutrition findings. The highlights:

  • The best time to work out is between 3 and 6 p.m. if you want to optimize performance and minimize injury. Muscle strength peaks in about the same time window, as does lung efficiency, hand-eye coordination, and joint and muscle flexibility.
  • As far as eating goes, if you don’t want to pack on pounds, you’re advised to limit eating to the times when you’re at peak activity. In a study with mice, the ones who were only allowed to eat during an eight-hour window when they were most active were 40 percent leaner than mice who could eat whenever they wanted.

• Quick! How much money do you think you’ve spent in total at Lululemon in the past five years? One woman, a self-proclaimed “Lululemon addict,” says she’s probably spent $15,000 at the athletic-clothing store. And get this: She doesn’t even do yoga. More here.

• Thinking about getting a canine running buddy? Runner’s World has a handy guide to the best running dog breeds. Unfortunately, my 15-pound miniature pinscher doesn’t make the list.