A.M. Eats: Where to Score a Healthy, Quick Breakfast in Philly

Mom was right: A good morning meal is important. Here, six options from local eateries to really get you going.

The benefits of breakfast are almost as plentiful as the options in the cereal aisle (it keeps your mood, energy levels and weight in check, for starters), but not all a.m. eats are created equal. “A balanced breakfast provides a combination of carbs, healthy fats and protein,” says dietician Krista Yoder Latortue, founder of Philly-based Family Food, LLC. Lucky for you, a good breakfast isn’t hard to find in Philly, thanks to the crop of healthy cafes and juice bars that have sprung up throughout the region. Latortue offers her favorite perfectly balanced grab-and-go options–which means you have no excuse not to start your day off right.

Good-for-You Granola
What: Granola bar.
Where: Metropolitan Bakery, multiple locations.
Why: With 16 ingredients in this nutrient-rich treat, there’s a lot to love. Specifically: the protein-packed seeds and nuts, whole-grain oats and sweet-tooth-satisfying honey.

Pressed Perfection
What: Avocado, mozzarella and tomato panini on whole-grain bread.
Where: Darling’s Cafe, 2100 Spring Street, Philadelphia, 215-496-9611.
Why: The avocado’s heart-healthy fats are a good way to start the day.

Back to Basics
What: Egg White Bagelry Breakfast Sandwich.
Where: Spread Bagelry, 262 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, 215-545-0626.
Why: Nothing beats a good egg-and-cheese sandwich. This one hits all the right notes, with low-fat cheese, zero-cholesterol egg whites and vitamin-packed spinach.

Must-Have Muffin
What: Quinoa blueberry muffin.
Where: Pure Fare, 119 South 21st Street, Philadelphia, 267-318-7441, and 1609 South Street, Philadelphia, 267-687-2292.
Why: A 238-calorie muffin with five grams of protein and four grams of fiber? No, you’re not dreaming.

Best When Blended
What: Banana-almond smoothie.
Where: OCF Coffee House, 1745 South Street, Philadelphia, 215-454-2196.
Why: This no-sugar-added smoothie goes the extra-nutrient mile with filling bananas and almond butter. Ask for nonfat milk to reduce the saturated fat.

Order-Ahead Oats
What: Steel-cut oatmeal.
Where: Nudy’s Café, multiple locations.
Why: This is instant oatmeal done right: Order it online the night before and it’ll be ready to pick up on the way to work.

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